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Carpet Buying Tips for Raleigh & Cary, NC

Carpet shopping is fun. At least it is if you’re prepared. Start on the right foot: get to know your carpet dealer. Carpet is not something you purchase often, and therefore you would be wise to be as informed as possible. You must find a carpeting dealer you can trust, and who is a professional. See Marty at Floor Coverings International, for instance.

Your professional carpet dealer will be informed as to the most modern fibers, pad, colors, styles, and installation techniques. I find it amazing how misinformed many carpet salespeople are. Ask your friends who have had carpet installed, and see if they are happy with the entire carpet buying experience; not just the price.

The informed carpet buyer:

Before you visit your carpet dealer do some homework. After you determine which areas you want carpeted, estimate their size. To estimate square yards, use this formula (L x W)/8. To calculate square feet just take (L x W)x (1.20) These formulas incorporate a slight amount for trim, borders and scrap.

Before you visit the carpet store, consider these questions: your lifestyle, amount and type of traffic, number of family members (including pets), your expectation of the carpet’s performance, your color scheme, and your concerns about footprints, seams, washability, wear, and so on. Your professional carpet dealer will ask these questions and guide you into the carpet that best suits your needs.

How to Compare Carpet:

Carpeting Environmental Concerns:

The carpet industry is on top of industry trends to make today’s carpeting safe and eco-friendly. The carpet you buy today has 100 times less VOC’s than those emmisions you would experience painting the inside a typical bedroom. If you allow for enough ventilation during installation, you will not have a problem with carpet or pad fumes.

If you don’t know Carpet, know your Carpet dealer.