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Designing with Carpet: Cary NC

Updating carpeting in Raleigh and upgrading your carpeting in Cary to get more from your interior design and home improvement projects in Raleigh and Cary, NC. For carpet in Raleigh and Cary trust Floor Coverings International to deliver exceptional value and service. We’ll help you select the right carpeting for your project. Visit our flooring showroom in downtown Cary or we’ll bring the carpet samples to your home.

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If flooring makes up part of your new interior design or home improvement projects, make sure you select the carpet that compliments and enhances the rest of the room decor. There are several factors to think about when it comes to matching your carpeting:

  •        Beyond simple color schemes, you will also want to select a carpet in Cary from Floor Coverings International that meets with your expectations of comfort combined with durability.
  •        Depending on the room, the amount and type of traffic it endures, and the overall look of your new design, choose a carpet that will stand up to the test of time, the traffic and wear.
  •       Carpets by room:
    •       For a bedroom, the comfort of softer carpets would be advised
    •       For a more utilitarian area like a playroom, durability should be your guiding factor.
    •       No matter your space or design, if you are thinking of carpets for your space, be sure to pick the right one for your needs.
  •       The many advantages of carpeting

Advantages of Carpeting

With a wide range of styles, colors, patterns and textures to choose from, carpet is an excellent option for any home décor. Carpeting is also versatile, allowing for smooth transitions to most other flooring products. From traditional to transitional, from casual to formal, you can always find a carpet that will compliment your style and lifestyle and give you years of warmth and beauty.

Floor Coverings International knows choosing carpet is an investment that will out-survive many of the decorating changes within your home, for years to come, carpeting and is still the floor covering of choice for the majority of consumers.

Top reasons to choose carpeting:

  •        Unlimited Home Decorating Possibilities! – Carpeting offers a great variety of choice in texture, color, style and price
  •        Exceptional Value! – Carpet is one of the least costly elements of room décor and the least costly type of flooring. Carpet offers the maximum value as a decorating investment. Compare price per square foot.
  •        Safety & Comfort Assured! – Carpet provides incomparable comfort. Soft on tiny feet, reduces leg and back fatigue, prevents slips, cushions falls and glass objects don’t shatter.
  •        Carpet is A Natural Insulator! – The physical properties of carpet make it an effective insulator against cold, which can reduce the cost of home heating and air conditioning, by increasing the R-value of the carpeted area.
  •       Carpeting offers Enhanced Peace, Quiet & Privacy! – Carpet absorbs and contains noise, muffles distracting clatter, and offers more privacy from room to room.
  •       Carpet Provides Improved Indoor Air Quality! – EPA scientists have concluded that carpet can be beneficial in trapping and immobilizing potential allergy-causing particles, preventing them from re-entering the indoor air system, if the carpet is regularly cleaned and properly maintained.
  •       Carpeting is Easy to Care for and Durable! – Today’s advanced technology enables manufacturers to offer carpet suitable for virtually any residential or commercial setting, with optimum built-in wear, soil, and stain resistance.
  •       Fashion, Value, Comfort, Warmth, Safety – it is easy to understand why carpet is still the first choice in home furnishing that out-sells all other types of floor covering.

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