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Frieze Carpeting

With its heavy texturing, great durability, and long lasting design, frieze carpet from Floor Coverings International would be an ideal choice for high-traffic family rooms or hallways and especially for families with children and pets.

Frieze carpet is a twisted cut carpet with very short fibers which makes frieze carpeting ideally suited for high traffic areas. These short fibers curl in different directions at the surface to hide markings such as footprints and vacuum marks. The tightly twisted yarns produce tufts that become more distinct and bend in many different directions. Rather than standing tightly together to form a uniform surface, each individual tuft stands on its own. This is the secret to the clustered look of frieze carpets.

Visit Floor Coverings International in Cary, NC to see the variety of densities to choose from when it comes to frieze carpet. Frieze is most often a combination of wool and man-made fibers. Good quality Frieze styled carpet is one of the most durable styles of carpeting available.

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