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Want Laminate Flooring, but not the echo? Try these laminate flooring tips.

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Laminate floors installed as a floating floor rather than glued down will sometimes have an echo when walked on due to the gap between the sub-floor material and the laminate floor itself. To reduce or eliminate this echo, consider these few options:

First, get good laminate flooring underlayment padding to put between your laminate flooring and your slab, original floors or sub-floor. Choosing a ‘cheap’ underlayment will certainly cause your new, beautiful laminate floor to sound cheap.

A good underlayment padding, made from foam, plastic, or rubber will absorb much of the sound that is created when you walk on your laminate floors. The better the padding, the higher quality sound you will achieve. Make sure you put down an even layer all around with your underlayment. Any gaps or uneven spots will forever be felt under your feet.

Another way to keep the echo down from your laminate floors is to get good quality flooring that is as thick as possible. The thicker the actual pieces of laminate floors, the heavier it is. The heavier the planks are, the more they will cling to the slab beneath them. This will create a better seal and reduce all noise from the laminate floors.

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For the best results, have Floor Coverings International
bring the flooring samples to your home.

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