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shaw anso nylon "green" carpet can be recycled

When choosing new carpeting for your home in Cary NC or Raleigh NC, you can show your flooring style and take care of the environment at the same time. Shaw’s “green” carpet designs show that environmental responsibility and fashionable design aren’t mutually exclusive.Floor Coverings International in Cary offers Shaw Anso Nylon “green” carpeting for their beauty and, because Anso Nylon carpets are extremely durable and stain resistant.

One of the best features of these “green” or eco-friendly carpets is their part in Shaw’s carpet recycling program. Anso Nylon carpets can be recycled over and over again. Anso Nylon has been designed to be recycled; however, this process does not affect the carpet quality, performance, or style. All of these new Anso Nylon products offer the same top-notch features as their predecessors.

Anso Nylon carpets, are also some of our most beautiful and stylish. Many of them feature the bold designs and patterns that are all the rage in interiors, like:

Stripes, circles, and squares are versatile elements that can either add drama to a room or, conversely, make a beautiful, subtle statement.