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Shaw Area Rugs in Cary, NC and Raleigh

While there are thousands of Shaw area rugs, Floor Coverings Internationalin Cary and Raleigh can help you choose the ONE Shaw area rug that’s right for your home in Cary or Raleigh. We offer most of the popular area rugs from Shaw and we can also help you find that one rug that is truly and uniquely you. If it’s not in-stock, we can order it for you. We also carry a full-line of Shaw Carpeting in Cary, NC. Here are a couple of the Shaw Area Rugs we offer:

Kathy Ireland Area Rugs are made from polypropylene for durability and affordability. As a world renowned model, Kathy Ireland has traveled around the world to gather her inspiration for this collection.

The Phillip Crowe Area Rugs Collection – This illustrator provided his talents to Shaw for amazing, unique designs for their wildlife area rugs. These awe-inspiring area rugs can be used as an area rug, wall art or as tapestry.

These are just a few of the selections of Shaw Rugs that are available. For information on other styles of Shaw carpets, visit Floor Coverings International in Cary and Raleigh, NC.

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Area rugs help warm and compliment your new hardwood floors and laminate flooring from Floor Coverings International.