Custom Area Rugs

Custom Rugs May Be the Best Kept Secret in Flooring!

Area rugs bring together all of the elements in a room to complete the desired look. Rugs are the finishing touch to that special room in your home. A rug can protect your wood floor, warm and soften the surface beneath your feet, or accent your furnishings. It makes sense to consider the size, shape, color, pattern, and cost of your area rug.

The Best Area Rugs

Rarely do customers walk into big-box, warehouse retail stores and find the area rug that meets their precise requirements. The rug dimensions are too small or too large. The texture is too rough, too delicate, or inconsistent with other features in the room. The colors might be “close” or they might be “good-enough”. And, then there’s the price. If that perfect area rug can be found, you know – the one that checks every single box – it’s most likely way too expensive. For all these reasons and more, many turn to custom area rugs as that unique, one-of-a-kind accent piece.

Custom Area Rug Examples

Custom Area Rug
Custom Area Rugs
Custom Area Rugs
Custom Area Rugs
Custom Area Rugs
Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs in Cary and Raleigh-Durham

You might be surprised how easy, quick, and affordable a custom rug can be. Many people aren’t even aware that custom rugs are possible, not to mention attainable. We can create a truly unique rug that is perfectly suited to your décor.

Designing a custom area rug is as simple as choosing from rug types, colors and patterns, and choosing your size and bindings. We can even work with custom colors, shapes, designs, logos, and more. Have an heirloom painting or a different design theme in your home? Well, a custom area rug may be just the thing to cap off the space.

With massive home improvement warehouse stores seemingly on every corner, it is not surprising that some people shop for flooring or area rugs in Cary at these establishments. Unfortunately, the rugs and flooring options at these cold and nondescript stores are the same products offered at every other warehouse around the country.

Custom Area Rugs

Your Very Own Custom Rug

  1. Getting Started

    Call us or use the form to Get a Free Quote.

  2. Talk Us Through It

    Based on our first phone call, we’ll bring the right flooring samples to you.

  3. Design Inspiration

    Is the rug design inspired by a painting or photo? Intended to match the furniture or accent pieces? Want your company logo incorporated into the design? This is where we get into shape, color, texture, size.

  4. Measurement & Placement

    Our team will take the room measurements and carefully map out the expected location for the area rug.

  5. Quotation & Ordering

    With the design requirements and measurements in-hand, we’ll write-up a quotation for your review. With your approval, we will create your custom rug!

  6. Delivery

    When your custom area rug comes in, our installers will deliver the rug, move furniture (within reason), and position the rug for you. Just stand back and admire your new, unique, custom area rug!

Pictures of Custom Area Rugs

See more in our photo gallery of area rugs pictures.

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf, standard, and boring rug. Contact us today for a free quote and a design consultation for that perfect custom area rug for your home. Designing a one-of-a-kind custom area rug is easier and less expensive than you might imagine. Let us walk you through the process.

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