Best Carpet Selection Guide

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Carpet

Carpet is soft under-foot, and stylish. At Cary Floor Coverings Int’l, we offer a wide selection and great prices on carpeting. We offer a great selection of carpeting, and incredible prices, for any room, style, and any budget.

Why Choose Us as Your Carpet Store?

Cary Floor Coverings Int’l has served Apex, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, and Fuquay Varina since 1993! We’re not your typical flooring store; rather, we offer a shop-at-home experience to help you choose the best carpeting for your home, with your own lighting and furniture and décor. Why shop for flooring in a home improvement warehouse store where the salesperson also sells plumbing and screws and lighting?

We bring the floor samples to you and do floor measurements at no cost. With our mobile showroom at your door, we’re the perfect alternative to shopping at the typical flooring store or big-box warehouses.

Our selection represents a complete selection of residential and commercial styles; including:

  • Berber Carpet
  • Frieze
  • Shag
  • Saxony
  • Cut Pile
  • Cut Loop

Just How Versatile is Carpet?

With a wide range of styles, colors, patterns and textures to choose from, carpet is an excellent option for any home décor. Carpeting is also versatile, allowing for smooth transitions to most other floors in your home. From traditional to transitional, from casual to formal, eclectic to eccentric, we can help you find carpet that will compliment your style and lifestyle and give you years of warmth and beauty.

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Top 8-Reasons to Choose Carpeting:

  1. Unlimited Home Decorating Possibilities! Carpeting offers a great variety of choice in texture, color, style and price. Learn more about designing and decorating with carpet from Floor Coverings International.
  2. Exceptional Value! Carpet from Floor Coverings International is one of the least costly elements of room décor and the least costly type of flooring. Carpet offers the maximum value as a decorating investment. Compare price per square foot.
  3. Safety & Comfort Assured! Carpet provides incomparable comfort. Soft on tiny feet, reduces leg and back fatigue, prevents slips, cushions falls and glass objects don’t shatter.
  4. A Natural Insulator! The physical properties of carpet make it an effective insulator against cold, which can reduce the cost of home heating and air conditioning, by increasing the R-value of the carpeted area.
  5. Enhanced Peace, Quiet & Privacy! Carpet absorbs and contains noise, muffles distracting clatter, and offers more privacy from room to room.
  6. Improved Indoor Air Quality! EPA scientists have concluded that carpet can be beneficial in trapping and immobilizing potential allergy-causing particles, preventing them from re-entering the indoor air system, if the carpet is regularly cleaned and properly maintained.
  7. Easy to Care for and Durable! Today’s advanced technology enables manufacturers to offer carpet suitable for virtually any residential or commercial setting, with optimum built-in wear, soil, and stain resistance.
  8. Fashion, Value, Comfort, Warmth, Safety – it is easy to understand why carpet from Floor Coverings International is still the first choice in home furnishing that out-sells all other types of flooring.

Carpeting is the floor type installed most often. There are certain rooms where carpeting might not be the ideal choice, though. As carpeting is one of the pet-friendly floors, your furry friends will love your new floor! If you are still wondering about the best flooring option, simply give us a call or Get a Free Quote using the form on this page.

6 Types of Carpet Material


Nylon carpeting is a very popular option, due to how strong and durable Nylon is. Nylon fiber can resist soil, and stay in its same shape for years without warping. It is popular but it can produce static electricity due to friction – so this is something to keep in mind. If you do decide to go for a nylon carpet, then you might want to apply anti-static sprays to help keep electric shocks to a minimum!


Olefin is a polypropylene compound that was originally used in outdoor situations for how well it can resist moisture. Today, it is used in indoor situations because olefin fibers offer a wool-like texture and are very strong. This can look great but it will have to be dyed to make it look aesthelically leasing. Also, excess exposure to the sun’s rays could hurt the appearance of the carpet.


Polyester carpeting is another popular option for those seeking toughness and durability in their floor coverings – without compromising on style. A prominent synthetic material, polyester can resist stains. It resists moisture and is easy to clean off. It could clump up into piles if you don’t maintain it well enough.


Acrylic is made with a wool-like body that has a level of static and stain resistance that makes this variety particularly appealing for areas that might be susceptible to stains, and general wear and tear. It is not likely to fade as much as other options.


You can always use real wool for your carpet if desired. Wool is appealing for how it features a series of carefully woven fibers that resist dirt. It can resist stains quite well. However, it is also more expensive due to how sturdy and durable the surface is.


Triexta is a synthetic choice that has become popular in many homes with pets and kids. This is thanks to how the fibers are strong and not as likely to tear apart like others. Triexta carpeting is a powerful option but it can also be somewhat expensive, so may not be the best choice for those wishing to keep costs down.

Caring for Carpeting

The 411 on caring for, cleaning, and maintaining carpet. Learn more at Carpet & Rug Institute. And if it’s a new vacuum cleaner you need, you might consider reading the product reviews at Consumer Reports.

Pictures of Carpet

View more room scenes and carpet pictures.

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