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Carpet stair runners Cary – because the stairs in your home experience plenty of foot traffic from people and pets, it’s best to carefully consider your options. While there are advantages to leaving hardwood stairs uncovered, there are advantages with carpeted stairs and carpet runners. The decision often comes down to installing carpeted stairs and carpet runners are to prevent slips and falls, and to act as noise insulators.
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Carpeted Stairs

Carpeted stairs offer several advantages to homeowners. Carpeting on the stairs means better footing for everyone using them, especially young children and elderly. The friction and grip from the carpet limits the chances of falling and is a shock absorber, reducing impact on the joints of older adults. Because carpeting is a noise insulator, the thumping and loud thuds you often hear as family members travel up and down the stairs is significantly lessened. In many Wake County homes, stairs are a focal point as you enter inside; therefore an attractive carpet often creates a warm and welcoming feel to your visitors.

Hallway Carpet Runners

To integrate the advantages of carpeted stairs with the natural beauty of wood, installing a carpet runner or hall runner is a perfect option.  A hallway carpet runner is a carpet is a separate design element but related to the carpet stair runner. Hallway runners also provide for cushion underfoot, a reduction in sound, minimizing the risk of slipping, protect hard-surface flooring from wear and tear, and serve as a finishing decorative touch. Together, hallway and carpet stair runners, are a perfect match! on your stairs also increases their safety, specifically for youngsters who enjoy playing and quickly running up and down them. Again, like carpeted stairs, a runner will help significantly to reduce overall noise levels, which is an added bonus for most families. You may wish to select a carpet runner that coordinates with the rest of the Cary carpeting in your home, or you may prefer to choose a design and color that provides contrast to complement it.

Regardless of whether you prefer carpeted stairs or carpeted runners for your Barrie home, both are common choices for the following reasons:

  • Safety: As mentioned, carpeted stairs will reduce injury risks among young children, and the elderly. Falls and slips can largely be prevented with the installation of carpeted stair runners.
  • Maintenance & wear/tear: Carpet runners help protect your wood floors from scratches and scuffs, fading due to the sun’s rays. Carpet runners help keep your hardwood stairs looking beautiful.
  • Reduce Noise: Both carpeted stairs and carpet runners assist in muffling the noise of those walking up and down the stairs.  This is especially helpful in apartment buildings with elderly tenants living beneath a young family or in homes with a study or entertainment area directly beneath the stairs.
  • Style & Comfort: The possibilities are endless for styles, colors, and patterns to choose from for your carpet stair runners. Bold colors or soft hues… whatever your choice, we have all imaginable styles to match your home’s décor.

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